Assault Air Bikes

Crossfit ypsilanti Ann Arbor assault air bikes

You may have noticed that we now have Assault Air Bikes at Crossfit Ypsilanti!
No, they aren’t just there to get you out of rowing. Assault Air Bikes have some distinct benefits that will enhance your overall training experience:

1. Assault Bikes are a great tool to increase cardiovascular fitness. Interval training on the Assault Bike will increase your aerobic capacity improving your performance across the board.

2. Assault Bikes will improve your mental toughness. How? The Assault Bike is hard, once you try it you will understand that it requires positive mindset and determination, qualities that enhance every aspect of your life.

3. The Assault Bike is great for recovery. After a hard training session spend 10 minutes pedaling, it’s time well spent.

4. Assault Bikes provide a low-impact training option for anyone with injuries that make running difficult.

5. It’s not going away. Assault Bikes are showing up more and more in WODs across the CrossFit community. Incorporating them into your regular training schedule will give you the advantage when they appear in the next Open or community event you sign up for.

So give this a try :30 work / :30 rest for 10 rounds.