About Us

Our Mission

We are a tight knit community at Ypsi-Arbor Strength, that supports each other inside and outside the gym. Our fitness classes are limited to 15 people, so we can make sure that everyone in class is getting the individual attention they need to perform movements safely and correctly. Our intentional and thought out programming allows our members to increase their conditioning, work on their gymnastics skills, and also see vast improvements to their strength. You can see our daily WODs here. All the coaches here are passionate about what they do, whether it be CrossFit, Kettlebell, Olympic Lifting or Nutrition- this is our profession, not a hobby. Read more about us individually below.

Our Coaches

Dan Hunter

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Eastern Michigan University and his Juris Doctor from University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.
Dan grew up playing football, soccer, and wrestling and has always had a passion for strength training. However, after 15 years of focusing on academics and career he found himself overweight and out of shape. Years of smoking and over eating had taken their toll and at 44 Dan knew it was time to make a change. Like many people in that position, he struggled with a series of failed diets and attempts to find success in traditional gyms.
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Julie DuChateau

Growing up in Northern Michigan, Julie used the great outdoors as her playground. She has always had a passion for high-energy outdoor activities such as running, swimming, backpacking, climbing (rock/ice) & kayaking. Being part of an all state cross-country team paved her future for fitness and teamwork.
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Justin Akinleye

As a coach, Justin’s goal has always been to explore how to effectively assist athletes to “optimally” and “safely” achieve their goals. His varied background and diverse group of skills have given him a broad understanding of applying fitness to the CrossFit community. He is also currently training in CrossFit, Kettlebells, 10th Planet-Jiu Jitsu & Yoga.
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Elle Koski

Elle Koski teaches yoga to celebrate the physical body and the creative spirit. Elle began her yoga practice in 2012 to build power and flexibility for running and weight training. Deep within asana practice, she found a beautiful integration of the body, mind, and heart.
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